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What is life..???

If you will type these words in Google than you will find simply: “THE EXISTENCE OF INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING OR ANIMAL”.


If you will see all around there are several life’s in different creation of the creator, here we will talk only about the human life..., Because it is only creation by creator who can think who can modified own life, because only human can use his brain properly and because of this we are most favorite, who can control all other creation of the creator…

So usually every human has three part of his life from birth to death,

  •   Birth to 25th years of life

  •   25th to 60th years of life

  •   60th to death

Birth to 25th years of life

Just a baby born and make lots of happiness in family and then family do everything that can make happy own new born baby… with these exchanges  of  happiness time passes quickly and the baby got admitted in school, After school to college he/she develop his skill to survive the upcoming life..
Between all this a human enjoy his best part of life under the shade of parents…

 25th to 60th years of life

It is a most busy part of life where most of the human have no time for his own life directly, this is most straggling part for a human life for various things many people straggle for job, many straggle for home ,etc…there are lots of things for straggle in this section ,
And all of these straggle most of the human got married also…
Up to 60th years of life a human does straggle only for batter future and in this process of batter future almost human spend all his to 60th

60th to death

It is the part of life where a human think how much straggle he did for this future which is his present as a old man of 60th ,
Then he started his new life as his grandson/daughter, he never want they do same what he did in his life,
But he never know it is creation of creator it is a circle which is created by him only everybody should to run on that circle of life…till the end (death)……

                                         THAT'S IT LIFE...

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